Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Use Google Earth to Discover People Free

Are you looking to find people using Google Earth? If you are looking for them, then you are reading the right guide. Google Earth together with 3D has incorporated new possible locators to find and zooming objects around the world fast.

With up to date satellite monitoring systems you can indentify images clearly, leaving no questions and traces. In the next sentences find how you can find people using Google Earth. In most cases of making simple people searches, you would find that there isn’t much to know  to look for people.

Locate People using Position

There are different sites online  available, used to find people through Google Earth; take for example pack.google.com.  Get there and download Google Earth. Once downloads are complete, install Google Earth to your PC.  Open software and start search by zooming location you want to find people, e.g. neighborhood.

On the map, click the plus button to get location closer. Try to adjust zoom button to get clear images. Use the arrow to get clear images on people inside and outside buildings. This is one option to find people using Google Earth.

Locate People by Name and Location

You can also use find people using Google Earth by searching for individual. You can conduct search at Google Earth.com, type first, last name and location/ street address of the person. Google Earth  known for locating streets, towns and the entire continent. Therefore, by entering the street address you will be able to find people leaving there. There is still a few things to know on find people for free.v

Search People Using Basic Google Map

Another method you can try to find people using Google Earth is using name. Enter first and last name in search field;  put name in quotes, also remember to include street address, city, state and zip code . An example for search looks similar to John Smith loc: Los Angeles, California.

Google Earth engines will then lookup all people registered similar details as the one you used to search. Apart from given information here, try other options to find people for free. Visiting FindWhoo.com and view more ideas on how to find people using Google Earth  and get additional reviews at findfree-people-friends.com. Also get to find people easily by following this link findfree-people-friends.com.


  • Google Earth uses satellite to locate buildings, streets, towns etc worldwide via satellite and cameras.
  • You can get clear images either in or outside a building.
  • Find people by name and location.

Additional Information

In addition to Google Earth in partnership with 3D, you can also incorporate Google SketchUp. The Google SketchUp software offers Geo-modeling SketchUp and Building Maker, Modeling Site Context as well as the Google 3D Warehouse . Get these applications and begin building your own Google Earth SketchUp model.