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Fast Laptop Repair

 Trans IT Ireland  fast laptop repair early morning collection service offers you the best possible opportunity to having your pc / laptop repaired sameday. The same-day fast laptop repair return cannot obviously be guaranteed as it depends on the nature of the fault and the availability of parts should they be required but we will do our absolute best to get it back to you that day.Collections are arranged in advance. The service is available ftom 4am daily.

 One of our staff will arrange for your laptop or pc to be collected at at time and location of your choosing. This will usually be by a qualified pc technician and more than likely, the person who will be repairing you unit. Thus giving you the advantage of being able to describe in detail the exact problem with the laptop / pc.

 Trans IT express laptop / pc repairers are your total solution for all your laptop repair needs. Our laptop repair / pc repair technicians are dedicated in providing the best laptop repair service Leinster-wide. Trans IT express laptop repairs, service the Dublin, Meath, Louth, Kildare and Wicklow areas and can be much faster than local computer repair shops. We service all major and minor brands of laptops.

The early morning fast laptop repair collection service cost is included in our base repair cost, which is an amazingly low €59 plus v.a.t. The base repair cost is the cost of labour performed on a unit without including the costs of parts, but does include the fitting and configuration of those parts.

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Does Your Laptop Feel Like This


Some advantages of our Fast Laptop Repair collection service:

  • Fast turn around (24 hours or less)
  • Direct contact with the technician most cases
  • Pick up And Return. If Saturdays are you day off, why spend it looking for pc repair stores to perform emergency work
  • All work and components used are guaranteed

The technological development of gaming laptops

If you're considering purchasing a gaming laptop, consider two aspects: portability and power.It can be difficult to find the right balance, but primarily you should be looking for a laptop with a lot of muscle. There's a good chance you will have to sacrifice some degree of portability. Gaming laptopsusually have large screens of roughly 17in, a separate graphics card and sometimes a quad-core processor.


On the other hand are netbooks and portable business laptops. You're average Macbook or similar Microsoft system will have 13in smaller screens and Intel integrated graphics chips (or the equivalent to). These lightweight laptops don't have the performance to fulfill you're gaming needs. That's not to say you can't get an adequate gaming experience from models with these specifications. But if you are a hardcore gamer it is well worth investing in a high-powered laptop.


A whole list of innovative technology has paved the way for gaming laptops: SLI, Dual Graphics, PCI Express and Dual Core gaming laptops. These developments have now brought the laptop onto a similar spec and performance level as some top PCs. Many gamers take pleasure in keeping tabs on recent advances in the industry and keeping their system well up to date; it's all goes hand in hand with gaming.


The likes Alienware and Rockdirect are leading the way in manufacturing gaming laptops. Alienware produces some of the most distinctive looking laptops on the market while also delivering on the performance front. Alienware's Area-51m 7700 prices at around £2000; but many users do spend a lot more increasing the machines performance even further. Next up, Rockdirect; who produce some of the strongest gaming laptops on the market, but at very high prices. However, the performance of 'Rock' laptops justify the high price tag.

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