Monday, May 30, 2016

Fast Laptop Repair

 Trans IT Ireland  fast laptop repair early morning collection service offers you the best possible opportunity to having your pc / laptop repaired sameday. The same-day fast laptop repair return cannot obviously be guaranteed as it depends on the nature of the fault and the availability of parts should they be required but we will do our absolute best to get it back to you that day.Collections are arranged in advance. The service is available ftom 4am daily.

 One of our staff will arrange for your laptop or pc to be collected at at time and location of your choosing. This will usually be by a qualified pc technician and more than likely, the person who will be repairing you unit. Thus giving you the advantage of being able to describe in detail the exact problem with the laptop / pc.

 Trans IT express laptop / pc repairers are your total solution for all your laptop repair needs. Our laptop repair / pc repair technicians are dedicated in providing the best laptop repair service Leinster-wide. Trans IT express laptop repairs, service the Dublin, Meath, Louth, Kildare and Wicklow areas and can be much faster than local computer repair shops. We service all major and minor brands of laptops.

The early morning fast laptop repair collection service cost is included in our base repair cost, which is an amazingly low €59 plus v.a.t. The base repair cost is the cost of labour performed on a unit without including the costs of parts, but does include the fitting and configuration of those parts.

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Does Your Laptop Feel Like This


Some advantages of our Fast Laptop Repair collection service:

  • Fast turn around (24 hours or less)
  • Direct contact with the technician most cases
  • Pick up And Return. If Saturdays are you day off, why spend it looking for pc repair stores to perform emergency work
  • All work and components used are guaranteed

Android smartphone data security

It is reported in the threat report of security company McAfee in fourth season of 2011 that "No organization, platform, or device" could resist virus attack. And Android phone has become the main goal of virus attack.

MacAfee report shows that there are 9300 malicious websites per day in fourth season of 2011 showing in every platform, and there are only 6500 ones in third season. The report also mentioned that the fourth season of 2011 is the most active period of virus, and Android operating system has become the main target of virus.

It is said that virus attack aiming at mobile devices like mobile phone is increased when users start to use smart phone for personal or business transaction. Once cell phone is attacked by virus, users' private data may leak.

Senior vice-president Vincent Weafer of McAfee has shown that, "In 2011, phone virus attacking range becomes wider and wider. We think that not any organization, platform, or device can handle this complex situation. More and more users are using mobile device for personal or business transaction globally so that protecting business and private data becomes more and more challenging.

After reading this, Android users may feel rather terrorized and become afraid of privacy leaking in mobile phone. Actually, we don't need to worry about this as long as we do as the following to improve data security in mobile phone.

  1. Anti-virus software: as phone virus runs so wildly, we should equip our mobile phone with a piece of excellent anti-virus software. In the choice of anti-virus software, it is suggested to use famous ones from Norton and Kaspersky.
  2. Do not visit unknown website: many small websites contain much virus. To protect data security, we should never visit those insecure websites.

3. Do not save important data to mobile device for long-term: as operating system has really huge amount of code, and leak in operating system is inevitable, to avoid new type virus attack, we should not save important data to mobile phone for long-term. Once private data are transmitted to other storage medium, we should immediately delete original data. Here I mean wipe data but not to delete or format. We can use a piece of partition management software with "DoD 5220.28 – STD" function to wipe data in phone memory card so that no data recovery technology is able to recover those wiped data anymore. In case of privacy leak, the USA Department of Defense "DoD 5220.28 – STD" standard helps us keep secret data from leaking.

These are my suggestions to prevent secret data from leaking. I believe that we can improve data security as long as we do better data protection work.

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